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Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Perak - Non-Timber Forest
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Non-Timber Forest

Division Function

  • Planning, implementing and controlling the work of setting up the plant, care and maintenance of plants and herbs such as Tongkat Ali trees and Masjid Fatima PFE area and other areas as appropriate. 
  • Role in the processing of license applications and related harvesting of non-wood-based products such as bamboo, rattan and stone materials. 
  • Planning, implementing and controlling the work of setting up the plant, care and maintenance of trees Bamboo and Rattan PFE area and other areas as appropriate. 
  • Forest Herbs help maintenance page, web Country Herbs, Aromatic Home, House Trail Interpretation and Interpretation of Herb Board. 
  • Perform monitoring Herb School Adoption Project, Perak Forestry Department. 
Division Objectives

Projects: Planting and Forest-Based Treatment & Herbs

Program Objectives

Encourage community participation, especially those living on the outskirts of the forest in the Forest-Based activities and maintain involvement and give priority to those mengusahasil trees have been planted.

Promote the integration of forest plant species (such as Meranti, Karas, Rattan, Bamboo and plant medicine with food crops on a large scale in order to maximize the use of land and the return on a piece of land).

To increase agricultural productivity in the short term as well as timber and non-timber (Forestry) in the long run.

Projects: Planting and Care of Rattan

Program Objectives

To ensure a continuous supply of cane to comply with the requirements of the local industry, especially in the field of furniture and handicrafts.

Adding content to the economic value forest forest area will be enhanced.

Projects: Planting and Care of Bamboo

Program Objectives

Ensure supply of quality bamboo and continues to meet the needs of local industry, especially in the manufacture of furniture and handicrafts.

Ensure supply of quality bamboo and sustainable for the local market in the form of either raw or processed.

Adding content Permanent Reserved Forests (PRF) that can be evaluated forest economy will be greatly enhanced.

Project: Development of Herbal Garden Board (THP)

Program Objectives

Creating a Herb Garden will be the focal point and houses a wide collection of medicinal plants, whether they are found in the natural forests, which are commonly used by the community, the commercialization and other medicinal plants.
Medicinal plants grown will be arranged in an attractive landscaped gardens to explore. Besides Herb Garden can become a tourist destination and attract researchers and informative.

Collection of medicinal plants will be planted consist of the existing wild plants in this garden area adjacent to the common area in the Tropical Rain Forest (in-situ) and plants brought in from other places that have been introduced in Malaysia (ex-situ) .

Amenity Forest Services Charge

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Medicinal Plants & Biodiversity

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Amenity Forest & State Park Forest 

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